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All Hallow’s Eve

November 6, 2013

“Halloween is my kind of a holiday. Not like those other stupid holidays. I don’t get pine needles in my paws. There’s no dumb bunnies, no fireworks, no relatives, just candy. Boom, you go out, you get candy. It’s as simple as that.” – Garfield, Garfield In Disguise, 1985

I have always enjoyed Halloween. Even as an adult , I don’t mind being the only one dressing up at work. I almost always shave my beard for my costumes and when I had hair, I would shave that too. Now that I am bald, I like wearing wigs with my costumes.

I made it through another office party without having to socialize too much or be around the booze (I’m James and I’m an alcoholic). It really doesn’t bother me when others drink but work is not a “safe spot” for me, unlike Porkchop Studios where we record the podcast. I’ve been the only sober one in that place packed with people, because it is a safe place. In my mind or my heart, I really can’t say. But work is not a safe place. I am not comfortable there. I can be fired from work for something as silly as my religious non-beliefs. It’s happened before. I have to exercise a level of self-control that causes physical pain. Not holding in a sneeze pain, rocking back and forth because the only other option is too jump up and have a drink kind of pain. But I get through. Each office party is a little victory.

Windy made our costumes, as always. They were amazing, as always. We wanted to do a family theme but with her hospitalization, my FMLvAcation and trying to make AMAZING costumes, well, she ran out of time. She didn’t realize how much work she was going to put in to each one. Mine is up in the attic, awaiting next year when she can go out with me. I’ll even buy a bus ticket for it and wear it at work. I won’t have to shave my beard or wear a wig. It will be a constant reminder of the rewards of my little victories. I probably won’t even notice the booze.

Costumes by Winna

Costumes by Winna

(Imagine driving home and seeing the two of us crossing the street in the middle of the night! I walked behind her almost the whole time.)

“I’ll be awful sometimes, Weakened to my knees. But I’ll learn to get by on little victories” – Matt Nathanson, Little Victories

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