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It Ain’t Easy Being Cheesy

October 25, 2013

I am working without a net today people. Podcast-style! I usually write or record myself talking as a base to start with as my mouth usually runneth over and I am always in need of an editor. But I was up late charting a new Boba Fett pattern by hand and have not found the time yet so here we go.

As I am only a couple days into the new positivity kick I am experiencing some strange disturbances in the force. As so many little events and non-events in our lives are tied together it is impossible to say if they are all related to the positive change or not. But perhaps how I handle them has.

I’ve mentioned being a little “aspurger-y” before and that’s kind of hard when you ride the bus. Random people talking, people possibly brushing up against you or touching you while sitting next to you. A lot of this I can avoid by being bald, bearded, wearing a hoodie and cross stitching. I think everyone assumes I picked it up in prison (while there is a Freudian analogy to be made there, that’s not how it happened). One thing I can’t fight against as well is seat stealing. I know the buses don’t have assigned seating but I ride from the first stop on the line to the end and then from the start to the next to last stop. Especially in the morning it is usually the same crowd, most of which I have ridden with for nearly two years without saying a word. But on the way home it is busy, often crowded. As I said I usually still manage to sit alone.

I had a helluva time as the girl in front of me went and sat in my seat yesterday as we boarded the bus. I couldn’t stitch because I needed to put in the previously mentioned work. I didn’t growl or bark (both public problems I have) and I didn’t have to get off the bus and wait for the next one. Talk about fucked up, in previous situations I have had to wait for the next bus. Since it is not my “regular” bus I don’t care where I sit. But yesterday I sat there, behind this girl, telling myself I can just stick it out and get home – which I did! A big step for me, even if I did take my seat back the second she got off the bus. Progress!

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