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Reaching New Heights

October 23, 2013

I remember being on the bus in March of 2012 and reading a tweet from one of the “Quotable Quotes” accounts that I follow. I don’t remember which account but I remember the quote:

A Year From Now You’ll Wish You Had Started Today – Karen Lamb

I can’t tell you the date but I know it was March 2012 because I was on the bus, fresh from a week-long training in Arizona and within my first few days of my (then) new job. I was full of hope and optimism. I remember thinking about some of the various projects I was generally not working on or only half-assing. My Vader cross stitch and Han Stitched First blog, among them. So many things that actually matter: family, school, the house. There was a lot, and like my optimism in my return to the insurance industry, they faded from memory almost as quickly as they came.

I thought about these things again in March 2013. Sitting on the bus to work and reading the same quote. I had probably seen in a couple of times in the intervening 12 months but remembering being there and realizing that I was still thinking about the same things, it hurt. It crushed me. “Things” had been on my mind a long time before I read the quote in 2012, to realize the absolute truth in the quote broke my spirit. I wished I had started anything the year before.

Not long after Rosalilium announced her Blog Every Day In May event and I tried to take part. Considering I had a day job vacation, a trip to Disneyland and only missed a few of the days, I thought it was a resounding success. But I stopped. I was still trying to balance blog and podcast. I don’t think that is an issue anymore, or at least not right now.

I also remember thinking about Han Stitched First, my Star Wars-themed needlework blog. It had fallen into such a lapse that I lost the .com and it became a .worpress again. But HSF is a source of pride for me. A big one. It started a couple years back when I had a different personal blog and thought that at the time I would do a different Star Wars inspired cross stitch a month for a year. I would call the series, Han Stitched First.

I’m a big fan of and realized I had never seen a Star Wars needlework site. Craft sites, fan sites, and all kinds of sites but nothing specific to needlework. My exact thought was “Someone should make that kind of a site”. A couple of weeks later, after trolling the internets to be sure someone else wasn’t already doing it, I started the site/blog/web page.

HSF is the site I wanted to visit every day. I wanted to see Star Wars needlework, I wanted to be inspired by what others with my same interests were doing. It still needs some work but this week will be the 100th post and that says a lot. I’ll be posting my Vader piece finally as the big One-Zero-Zero and I am truly excited to have reached a milestone with the blog and with Vader. I’ll thank everyone who has ever visited the blog and/or ever submitted a piece because I have not done 100 cross stitches (or quilts or scarves) and each of them make me realize that HSF has a place. Even if it’s only for the same 50 people every day. They are totally worth it.

So start something positive today. I’m sure that next October 23rd you will be really glad you did.

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