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October 16, 2013

I have been home for a week on FMLA, or as I like to call it my FMLvAcation, as it eats up your vacation time and personal holidays. Which is not me complaining. I am greatful that I had the time and that the option exists to be able to use it in an emergency and draw my regular paycheck. But I have been home for a week, after Windy was in the hospital for 5 days. It feels like the calm between storms. Her primary is a shitty general practitioner who specializes in Medi-care payments and questionable office help. Windy currently has an injection line directly into her heart, which someone thought I would be qualified to give another human being medication they need to live. So far so good. But now it needs to come out and I have a bad feeling she is going to get another trip to the hospital today. Which may be for the best. I don’t know if I would want Dr. McDirty to infect her after the week we have had keeping her lines clean and sterile. Sigh.

The other ailment is our podcast. It has been waning. It has been a gas for the last two years and I really hope this is a lull but I think the episodes may become more occasional and the breaks more regular. I hope I am wrong. Both as that has been a great source of fun and pride and also because, well, I miss my friends. We will see what happens. Without my audio outlet I am hoping to post here almost daily. Random thoughts mostly. Nothing more.

A Shot In The Heart...

A Shot In The Heart…


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