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Sit Back And Tell Us About Your Childhood

June 11, 2013

This is one of my favorite things in the world that I do. That I create. The way I see it is podcasting is like being in a band. It has tiers. Joe Rogan and Kevin Smith, Jay Mohr and Joey Diaz. Those guys are the Rolling Stones, The Beatles and the Nirvana’s of podcasting. Your radio DJ’s, TV shows and the niche stuff are your regional acts. Three friends sitting in a home recording studio, recording whatever happens and releasing it to entertain their friends and have a good time…well that’s what it is and that’s what we do. We are the open mic of podcasting. Is this thing on?

Sit Back and Tell Us About Your Childhood:

Comedian, friend of the podcast and all around ginger Brandon Morland sits in and tries to help Chris figure out why China is building ghost cities and half-sized Eiffel Towers. James discusses his 24-hours at Disneyland and sends a T.S.A agent on her coffee break. Dankrobber really wanted to be here tonight but he was at the beach and not returning our emails!

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