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The Burning of Whatever James

June 10, 2013

I bake a lot. Up until a couple of weeks ago if you had asked me, I would have told you I bake next to never. I spent a lot of time teaching myself to cook. From appetizers to sushi, I know my way around a kitchen. But when you ask if I bake, I immediately think of candies, desserts and pastry chefs. But that is baking like being a chef means that you cook. Pastry chef’s know how to use a flat top and most chefs bake all day long: casseroles, soufflés and any number of amazing roast meat dishes.

I bake a lot. I’m not a fan of the microwave except for snacks and most days I think of lunch as a snack. Dinner should come from a stove or an oven. It can be cold for all I care. I’m just not a fan of, and kind of a snob about, dinner from a microwave. I even bake my T.V. dinners. 

All of this domestic oven use is supplemented by my medicinal baking.  As I am in the state of California, Cannabis is legal for medical use and my preferred method of medicating is ingestion. For those only familiar with the inhale method (or not familiar with cannabis at all), cannabis can be taken in many ways. One of which is extracting the active compounds and suspending them in a fat, in this case butter. That butter can then be used like any other in recipes and dishes. But like any medicine you have to know your dosages and like any butter (or ANY ingredient) you have to be aware of flavor. When all is said and done, I make an incredible medicated butter which I use primarily in muffins. I also try to teach others about ingesting medical cannabis but that’s another post.

I bake a lot. Even if I don’t bake every day, some days I bake more then once, so I think it may average out to once a day. I hate to admit it but I got a little sidetracked since the last time I cleaned my oven and when I finally noticed it a few weeks ago (nothing highlights how dirty something is like returning from vacation), it was clear that I would not make that mistake again.

By the time I was done my stove and oven were near beautiful and my hands were near useless. Being as I couldn’t get any time off from the day job (without boring you too much I handle injury claims all day, every day. I know there was no way to miss work without missing my paycheck) I had to push through. Sadly as blogging, Facebook-ing, twitter and all that jazz is not necessary to my ability to pay my bills it had to take a back seat for a couple of weeks. Yes, I missed the last few days of Blog Every Day In May but it still did what I needed it to do (I’m blogging now). The hardest was not stitching. I slept a LOT on the bus!

Now my fingers are mostly healed just a little discoloration on the skin and fingernails and I am glad to be stitching and typing again. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do. First things first: I need to go bake.


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  1. I like to bake, too (non-medicinal thus far). But as I’ll be at 9600 feet this summer, not much baking will be going on. It just takes too much patient tweaking of the recipes to get them right at altitude. Fortunately, there is a good bakery in Breckenridge that gets the recipes just right…

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