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Leaving On A Jet Plane

May 30, 2013

I’ve been on a vacation. You know what they say: it’s great to get away but it’s lousy to come back! We took a shoestring, lightning-fast trip to Disneyland and it was great. I’ve got a few thoughts on it (just a few?) so let’s not doddle.

Last Thursday was the day that would set the tone. This was the day we left the house, go to the airport, through security, on to a plane, take a flight, land at a different airport, ride with a stranger to a hotel with a bed we will sleep in that is not ours. That was everything we have been preparing Kadie for for almost a month. She is definitely my kid.

Being born in 1980, I am just a couple years too old to have been at a doctor when Asperger’s Syndrome was the diagnosis of the day. As an adult I have actually had my doctor refer to me as “aspergery”. Regardless if I am aspergery or just an ass, Kadie is just like me. Well, without all the control and repression that comes with being an adult and having them both forced onto you since youth. Hopefully she continues to differ in this way. Add to that the individual traumas we all collect in life (our goodbye ritual is still a minute long, down from four). We’ve had this trip planned for a year. We have been preparing for this day for one day less then a year. It was a ritual in itself:

“In eight more sleeps we are going to get up, ride to the airport, go through security and scan our stuff to be sure it’s safe to fly, walk on to the plane…”

Every night, most mornings and every time Kadie herself wanted to over the list. For over two weeks. All to prepare to leave for our vacation.

The trip went so smooth you could slide across in your socks. The biggest issue we had on the way down was Mrs. Whatever forgot how queasy she gets before, during and after take off and landings. The biggest problem on the way home was Whatever James Vs. T.S.A. but that’s another post (spoiler: they had to call for back-up).


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