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May 25, 2013

This is the almost-totally Star Wars-free edition of my Top 5 movies list. That’s not easy to come by.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Yep, I dressed up, went out atmidnight and partook in strange sexual activity. I also sang songs in the aisle and threw buttered toast at the movie. Aside from so many great childhood memories, this Rocky makes the list because I love musicals. I could list the classics (Oz and Willy Wonka come to mind) or I could list the further-out-there (1776, a musical about the signing of the Declaration of Independence) or even the questionable (Cannibal: The Musical) but I am listing Rocky because Richard O’Brien covered all the classic styles of Rock and Roll. I have FOUR different soundtracks and that’s not including the Rocky Horror Punk Rock Show cover album. Plus I made an MP3 of the DVD feature where Richard walks around the hotel that was Frank’s castle and plays an acoustic version of songs played in the various rooms they were filmed in. The movie may or may not just be an extended soundtrack to me but sometimes I like to watch a music video.


Back To The Future Trilogy: We all know it and we all love it. I don’t need to explain it. But for me it comes down to this undying fascination with how people are different in youth to adulthood, especially my own parents. When Marty is being seduced by his mom and she says she is going to let her kids do whatever they want and he mumbles something about wanting that in writing I remember thinking of all the things I would get my hippy mother to sign off on if I only had the chance.
back to the future


Jurassic Park: I was 14 when this came out. It had realistic dinosaurs eating people in the most plausible scenario possible to bring dinosaurs and humans together. This is Science Entertainment.


The Other F Word: A little known documentary about punk musicians raising kids/families and the dichotomy of telling a crowd full of kids at a show to fuck the system and then reminding your own children they have to listen to you because you are the adult. It is beautiful and touching and honest.
other f word


The Goonies/The Princess Bride: Two geektastic classics that tied for fifth place because I have started watching them with Kadie. She loves the pirate adventure of The Goonies and we can’t walk through a row of more then three trees without her thinking we are in the fireswamp and asking to “play Buttercup”.


And with no need for explanation or reasoning, here is my complete Top 6 Star Wars Films (in order):
1: Empire
2: Jedi
3: Sith
4: Clones
5: Hope
6: Phantom Menace


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