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Game Love

May 23, 2013

As I write this, Microsoft is announcing the Xbox One. As Microsoft is announcing the Xbox One, I am stuck on a conference call which I have been told, I don’t actually have to be on. To celebrate all this game goodness, and to celebrate something more useful then my output at the day job, here is a list of my Top 5 influential games. Not Favorite, not the best, just ones that I remember for a specific reason or another.

Super Mario Bros. (NES): Come on, its-a Mario! Seriously when I want to turn on something and just run around, nothing beats a Mario clone. I have never actually beat the first one but I have played every single one. My favorite would still be Super Mario World for the SNES but this was the first platformer I played and it is still the one I benchmark all other platformers against. I spend a lot of time playing Xbox Live Arcade Indie games with Kadie because they have a lot that allow you to use your Xbox avatar character. We have a lot of fun watching “us” jump and do crazy things. I don’t know thing one about programming but if I did I would program an indie game where you use your avatar to run through, essentially, SMB. Does anyone know an Xbox programmer?

Super Mario Bros

Berzerk (Vectrex): Do you even know what a Vectrex system is? Or was? This is the first game I can ever remember playing, Humanoid.



Ape Escape (PlayStation): I love games with interesting controls. I honestly do not know if this is why I like Ape Escape or because of Ape Escape. You can fish, fly, use an RC car, catch monkeys in butterfly nets and so much more. It was a simple premise that was just so much fun. All the gadgets were controlled through the dual thumbsticks and this was an amazing way to play the game.

Ape Escape


Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy (Xbox): This allowed you to play some kind of psychic super warrior turning against his evil controllers and saving the world. I don’t know. You could grab guns from the enemy, throw the enemy or environment and even come up with your own ways to interact with the game with your mind. Honestly when I played this I thought “Finally, the technology for a real Jedi game”. A few years later we got The Force Unleashed.

Psi-Ops The Force Unleashed


Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem (Gamecube): This game fucks with you. I don’t mean just you, your character. This game fucks with YOU, the player. As your character starts to go insane they start to see strange things (the room/graphics turns upside down) but the fun starts when the game tries to drive you crazy. If your sanity meter drops too low (yes, sanity gets measured) flies start flittering on your screen. When you get up to shoo them away…they are in the game. The controls reverse making left turn the character right and good luck figuring out the buttons. My favorite part is when the game blanks out and a message comes up saying your memory card is being erased. They break the third wall! Of course if I was playing it today I wouldn’t be as worried about my save files for The Wind Waker or Quidditch World Cup so maybe it wouldn’t be as scary.

Eternal Darkness


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