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Pampered Stress

May 16, 2013

When I think of pampering, I think of hair. I don’t have any so the idea of brushing your hair for a long time, or even better getting your hair brushed for a long time seems like the most luxurious way to pamper yourself.

The archaic definition of pamper is to overfeed, especially with very rich food. Of course, I have my favorite food and to this day there is no edible item more decadent to me then a poached egg. But a little over 10 years ago I weighed a little over double what I am now. I had a gastric bypass and now I can’t over-indulge in food. Ok, I guess I could. But the bypass put the break on my physical ability long enough that my brain was able to relearn how to eat a little better. By now I know what food are ok for me to eat and how much (I mean this in both the nutritional way as well as the post-bypass way of finding out some food no longer play well with you).

I used to enjoy baths. Long baths. Long baths with bubbles, scented candles and a book! I can’t tell you how many Star Wars novels I have read in the bath. It was part of my daily routine: come home, read in the bath. It was amazing. But I have kids now. Kadie is forever trying to just come in and hang out while I take a shower and even if I do find I have the time for a bath, I choose to spend it some other way.

And there it is. The indulgence of time. I don’t really care how I spend it, at least not so much that I want to plan it out or narrow it down to one thing. Cross stitching in and of itself is not always pampering, however the act of stitching is. I don’t have to be in a bath, I just want to give myself time and opportunity to take one! I can change my mind and blow alien brains out on the Xbox for a while instead. It is the time that matters.

A couple weekend’s ago my mom, who in her loving and supportive heart once set up an email address as Whoever’s Mom (so close), took Kadie away to visit her cousins for three nights. THREE NIGHTS. I didn’t do most of the things I had intended: I didn’t record my new song, I only stitched a couple of hours over the whole weekend. But I felt taken care of. Refreshed by the time to myself (and ourselves with Mrs. Whatever). I actually felt less stressed simply by doing nothing for a short time. I felt pampered. But I would still give it all up to brush my shoulder-length locks for ten minutes.

In My Ears: Vitamin String Quartet – Here Comes Your Man (Originally by The Pixies)



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