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Can. Do. Will.

May 15, 2013

The greatest lesson I have learned so far in life came from my dad.

My father’s name was Floyd Ike and sadly he passed when I was eleven. I think that is about the time boys start really taking an interest in their dad. It’s when I took an interest in mine. A couple of months before he died he introduced me to the Boy Scouts and specifically, Troop 44. It’s important to be specific sometimes. With the recent anti-scout movements and the scouts anti-gay movements, I’m really on the fence on the whole thing because I think discrimination is wrong but I can say with certainty that TROOP 44 never discriminated against anyone. Well, they used to tease me when my sideburns started coming in. But all of this is a different post. I have girls so I don’t have to worry about if they should join the Boy Scouts and my greatest lesson came from neither my father or Troop 44.

My mom moved on after my father passed and when I was around 15 she met my dad, Richard. Richard was a hippy. A local/regional rock star who had been making a living with his guitars in bars since he was 13. No  joke. He was also the greatest man who ever lived. I know that in the big cosmic scheme of things he wasn’t. He is to me and that’s all that matters. In the big cosmic scheme of things I’m not much either so I don’t think my opinion of him matters but it does.

There is plenty to write about my dad but I will stay on topic. My dad had a lot of phrases. All dad’s do. My dad would shout his out at random moments he thought were to quiet. He even did it in his sleep. His favorite phrases involved positivity or color. His absolute favorites involved positive colors. But somewhere in there were three simple words: Can. Do. Will.

Can. Do. Will. was his catchphrase. It was his motto. It was his state of mind. I don’t remember if it took me months or years of asking but I would occasionally ask him what did “Can. Do. Will.” mean. He replied: “Anything.” He never gave more answer then that although he was happy to repeat THAT answer until he cows came on. Answer on answerer (that was for the family reading this).

But I did it. I got it. And I believe it. I don’t always follow through and I don’t always feel it. But deep down I know. I CAN do anything. I can DO anything. I WILL do anything. Thanks Hippy!

In My Ears: Delbert McClinton – Shotgun Rider

Can. Do. Will.

Can. Do. Will.

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