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I Dream Of Minnie

May 10, 2013

Today’s subject is supposed to be Travel Dreams. To be honest, I have a vacation coming up from the day job and the travel plans are made!

Mrs. Whatever’s birthday is coming up and two day’s later is Kadie’s. To celebrate turning 35 and 5 (I won’t reveal which is which), we are going to the happiest place on Earth: Yoshinoya’s Beef Bowl!

Ok, we are going to a magical kindom, but I lived in Anaheim and walked to work in Fullerton. I worked at Yoshinoya’s. Usually when I make a trip to L.A. I try to bring back at least a week worth of beefbowls in an ice chest. But we are flying and unfortunately Yoshinoya is the bomb (I should be ashamed of myself).

So I don’t have any travel dream right now. The real travel is close. Too close for me to think about what I would do or where I would go next time. But I hope it’s Japan 😉

In the meantime why don’t you travel over to Ancora Crafts (see what I did there) and check out the interview I did there about crafting. I’m told it ventures into crafting for sanity. I just open up a little about crafting to keep mine. Whatever.  You should be checking out Ancora Crafts anyway.


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