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Tweet, Did You Say?

May 9, 2013

Today’s Blog Every Day In May subject is your favorite social network. Mine is Twitter and it is all Rooster’s fault. I didn’t get twitter. I didn’t understand how you could say anything in 140 characters. I certainly didn’t think I could say anything in such a short format. My phone at the time limited my text messages to 160 characters and that still felt like a noose.

I podcast with Rooster. His real name is Chris and we go way back. At least by my standards. He knows people he knew when he was a kid. He still knows people who knew his parents. Hell, he still knows his cousins. He didn’t know me until we worked at The Shack (we called it that back when people thought we were dummies for calling it that, obviously we should have been pulling down those big marketing dollars). The Shack, itself, is from a time that sometimes feels two lifetimes away. Before the Dark Times.

I trust Rooster. I’ve mentioned finding breaks in my neurosis through stitching and through podcasting. This Rooster don’t stitch. When I mention that safe place where I feel like I can be the myself I was back when I thought it was safe to be myself, that place is Rooster’s house. Often the room we call “Porkchop Studios”, but I can be comfortable in his garage, living room or back patio in most situations. Often the people occupying those spaces are more strangers to me then the strangers at my day job or the ones I have been riding the bus with for the last 15 months.

But Rooster trusts them enough to welcome them into his home and take all the crazy risks of hosting social functions. I can’t have more than one person over at a time because when it’s time for you to go, it’s that time. I can’t control when that time is going to be, no one can. But when my brain flips and I want everyone out, I expect them to drop who or what they are doing and say goodbye. Rooster moved in to a house with a spare bedroom just so friends could unexpectedly stay the night. I wish I could be like that, but I am not. Rooster is and I think it is awesome and terrifying and cool and the worst idea ever all at the same time. But I do trust Rooster. I trust him back to a time when I could trust. And if he trusts 20-30 people I don’t know to be in his house, having a good time on his time and just rolling with it, then in Rooster I trust. This is how podcasting came to be medicinal to me.

So when Rooster commented on one of my many (at the time) Facebook status updates that he thought twitter suited my style better, in Rooster I trusted. Through twitter I have managed to meet, “speak” and interact in many interesting ways with many interesting people who I would have NEVER crossed paths with in my day to day physical life.

I stitched a piece for Adam Sessler of G4 and Rev3 fame which he loved. I’ve conversed with various stand up comics with a few back-and-forth tweets. I even got my work recognized by Bonnie Burton, Craft Goddess and at the time Lucasfilm employee. She wrote the Star Wars craft book (among so much more), maybe you’ve heard of it? It was never published but she interviewed me about my stitching for That was hitting the big time for me. I never understood the “it was just great to be nominated” mentality until I did that interview. I lived, breathed and stitched Star Wars so it was great just being nominated for a blog post. All the people I have met in and through the stitching community I have met through twitter. And they have all been great.

I hash tag my text messages and my facebook posts. I refer to people by their twitter handles on podcasts. I have met and interacted with some of the nicest, most genuine and downright coolest (in my inflated opinion) people I could have ever hoped. I have reached and shared incredible heights and received the most comforting of words from the most unlikely of places. I heart twitter and it’s all Rooster’s fault.

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Sessler's Soapbox

Sessler’s Soapbox


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  1. Great post! My compliments to Rooster.

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