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Let’s Talk About Pets, Baby!

May 7, 2013

My absolute favorite pet ever was a cat named Asoka. She was beautiful and cool. She would sit in my lap while I stitched and on my shoulders around the house to avoid getting in trouble for being on the kitchen counter. Asoka was an indoor cat. She went out to explore the outside world one day and has never come back.

Our house pet is currently a dog named Leia. She is half lab and half bird dog so she looks like a smaller version of a black lab. A lab who is afraid of water. I don’t know if the kids unintentionally scared her when she was little or what, but she is scared of her water bowl. She is pushy, a baby, whiney and totally loves me.

Leia followed the boys up a makeshift ladder once and broke her leg getting out. The only person who actually saw it was Kadie and she was about two at the time. One of my favorite memories is everything that led up to figuring out that she was telling me that she saw Leia jump out of the tree one day.

I don’t have a lot of stories about Leia since I usually just wish my cat was still here but I know that big dumb dog would jump on my shoulders and walk to the end of the world with me and I absolutely love her for that…but don’t let her hear me say it.


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