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Fit And Healthy

May 5, 2013

I guess the fact that I am up and typing this at 5:30 am. means I am healthier then I thought I was.

A few years ago I listened to two podcasts pretty religiously: Emergency Pants and Stitching and Junk. At the time my two closest friends, Rooster and Dankrobber (I use everyone’s twitter handle all the time). When I told them how cool this radio show on demand was, they didn’t get it. It was still a new concept. About a year after I started listening to those podcasts, my friends were getting into stand up comedy and anyone familiar with stand ups today know that outside of news and the like, comedians ARE the podcast revolution. It started with #DeathSquad, Joe Rogan’s band of legally-performance-enhancing, brained-out jocks all stuck on a positive trip about living, letting others live and basically not being a douchebag. Say what you will, there are worse people/lifestyles to admire.

In December 2011, I believe, we started recording our conversations as The Porkchop Express. We follow what we believe is the same format (minus the legitimate guests) of getting a little silly and discussing everything that comes to mind. We have friends with bands, websites, blogs, stores, etc. So we have them on to “promote” what they are doing to our small band of listeners. Currently numbered at about 50, that’s not bad for three friends in Rancho Cordova. If The Joe Rogan Experience is the Rolling Stones of podcasting, we are gladly the open-mic-ers. We are doing it because we love it with no intention that it ever HAS to go much further.

Despite my amazing opportunities, I didn’t so much as watch A New Hope all the way through yesterday. Rooster was unexpectedly free and we unexpectedly kidnapped Dankrobber from his comfy spot next to his significant other. I would rather talk to the same guys I talk to every week. I need to talk to them. It’s part of my mental health. To still be a certain part of my personality that I do not use as often as I used to.

And for those who think it takes more then a podcast to help someone get healthy, you are wrong. In correspondence with Joey Diaz, yes THE Joey Diaz. Most of these comedians know if it were not for their listeners they would have nothing and they believe it is all part of a positive life experience as well, so when time allows, you will be surprised who get’s back to you. Anyway, as Joey Diaz was preparing for the birth of his daughter we exchanged a few short emails. He was playing a couple of shows in Sacramento and I was not going to make it. But I needed him to know I needed to thank him. Here is a list of some of the things I thanked him and his podcasting cohorts for:

1. I drink water in the morning before my coffee (just 8 oz is all it takes).

2. I use a kettle bell

3. I tell my family I love them every day.

4. I just let shit go (sometimes).

5. I started taking vitamins.

6. My wife and daughter started taking vitamins.

7. I try to make my wife know how I feel about her without telling her!

8. Let shit go. If you don’t you are just inviting someone into your life even longer then you wanted them there.

Yes, these are all things I learned from podcasts. I am not saying I didn’t know I should be doing these things, just this is where and when they fell in to place. Not bad for some foul-mouthed comedians. I hope to stay as fucked up as they are, it seems to be good for my health.



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