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May The Fourth Be With You, Always.

May 4, 2013

No sooner do I post about my boring day to day then my day to day takes a seriously unforeseen turn for the best.

Kadie is spending the weekend with her cousins and grandma. Mrs. Whatever works her day job on the weekend days and that leaves little old me. Alone. Home. In control of my own destiny.

Usually I don’t enjoy disruptions in my routine. Another of my neurosis that have dictated a lot of my last few years. There are some acceptable deviations but it can be bad. I think Kadie has it too. The hardest is when we both have an urge that we can’t fight and they are contradictory. One example would be the argument we had while going to the store. She wanted to walk around the back of a building (which we do fifty percent of the time) but in my mind we had already walked around the front. I couldn’t break from the routine I had set up in my head. She told me several times that she HAD to go the other way. She could go without me and meet me on the other side… after five minutes of arguing we walked the quarter mile back to our house to take the other way. Neither of us were bending. We were both going to break.

But this disruption is manageable and not JUST because I get to stitch and watch the Holy Trilogy today. The trick is that I was at work. I didn’t see it or know about it until it was happening. I got home and Mrs, Whatever told me that my weekend was dead and if I had been home, it would have killed me too. Now I must stay home and watch Mark Hamill become a Jedi, like Hayden Christiansen before him!

I will be stitching today. I hope to post the occasional updates to Vader to my twitter account during the movies. If you want, comment below and share how you will be spending Star Wars day.

May the Force (and fourth) be with you, always.


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