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Have You Seen: Splash

September 22, 2012

Because Kadie loves all things Mermaid and I thought it would be a good weekend movie, a couple of weeks ago we watched Splash. Now all I really remember from seeing Splash as a child, aside from the Mermaid stuff, is that Daryl Hanna is naked, Eugene Levy scares me when he yells “Move” and Tom Hanks sings to a mango. Wierd movie.

When was the last time you watched Splash? It holds up very well. There are not a lot of overly 80’s references. While Mrs. Whatever and I notice some of the dead fashion, Kadie did not have to ask why they were dresse funny. The mermaid costume still looks suprisingly real as well. As a kid I don’t think we recognize the subtlty and the art of how they show her tail without always showing her tail.

What really got me was the story. The story behind the story and how it is told. I said Kadie is in to all things mermaid and regardless of how much other stuff is out there, that may as well read all things The Little Mermaid! I’ve read the original and seen other takes on the story but did you realize that Splash is essentially a “modern-day” telling but from, essentially, “Prince Eric’s” point of view?!?! I had no fucking clue. I have not seen the movie since before I was ten, so that’s 22 years. It blew my mind. So much so I even googled and wiki’d and IMDB’d this thing to see if that was the point and sure as hell there were mentions of scenes that never made it off the script page where we see Madison talking to a “sea hag” and what not. I’m glad they cut that. I love that this is HIS story. When he tries to get info on thier night in NY, she shuts him down with harsh finality! She’s only staying for three days! On a fan-of-comedy note: a young John Candy makes few too little appearances!

I really became a hardcore fan of this movie when we watched it. We have not watched it again though just because kids have a way to run a movie into the ground with repeat viewing and I want to enjoy it the next few times. If you have never seen it or have not seen it in a while, I highly recommend it! As for Splash, Too – the direct to TV sequel where only the actress who played the secretary came back and they break all the story rules from the end of the first movie (he goes back) and she saves a dolphin named, no shit, Salty??? Pass. I couldn’t even find it on Amazon…not that I tried very hard.


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