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Getting To Know Whatever James

September 13, 2012

There’s nothing like a knock-down, emotional shit kicker with your significant other to motivate you to post a blog. If you can’t tell the internet, who can you tell?!?

Yes, Mrs. Whatever and I did have a fight last night and near the (sort-of) end-ish there was talk of various reasons she may feel she doesn’t/can’t know me. I’ll spare you the details but I would agree that some of her points were valid.

As I am leaving work today, someone else from my office is leaving as well. Occasionally coworkers ask if I need a ride. I actually find this touching as I, of all people, usually go 13 hours a day without speaking to a soul. Perhaps that’s why my mouth runneth over the rest of the time. Anyway, what follows is a not-uncommon thought pattern on my walk to the bus stop:

Maybe Mary will offer me a ride. I should think pf a nice way to say no. This is my exercise. I am really just going right here, etc. Maybe I should try being social it is just to right there. Ok if she offers I will accept. Maybe she will say she lives near me (I know for a fact she doesn’t) and offer a ride home. Then I could say something cute like “I think my wife would like that very much”. Then even though she wont understand what the fuck that means, and Mrs. Whatever is never going to know, I get “Universe Points” and if someone was watching my life they would go: “Awwwww”.

I should relay that story to Mrs. Whatever and say that’s getting to know me. I should blog that.

I spent the rest of the walk arguing with myself about it and the various reasons I do/don’t think I should be doing this.

As crazy as I fear I may come off sounding by all of this, the only part that suprised me was that I got off my theoretical ass and sat here on my physical ass and actually wrote it.


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