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Come In and Make Yourself Uncomfortable

August 15, 2012

I’m Whatever James and I am a blogoholic. I submit as evidence such short lived blogs as Whatever James: In Stitches, Whatever James In Your Ear, Han Stitched First, One Anonymous Alcoholic, Dead Threads Project, and at least TWO binders of “blogs” (read: journals) of unrealized entries and whole projects. Some of which, will find thier uses here.

Where or what is here? Here is me. All of me. It wasn’t meant to sound that deep so that’s a point for me. Future posts will elaborate, but I was feeling to spread out. I mean: music, blogs, podcasts, facebooks, etc. Some of it was really fine and fun. Most of it was misdirected and/or under-realized. Plus family life and a full time job. I loved it all. I love it all. But it needs focus, and I want to give it attention. So this is it for now. I’m keeping the facebook page and hope to restock my etsy store at some time in the foreseeable future. But I am putting all other blogs on “haitus” and trimming down to just one email address (maybe two)!

Expect at least one post per day once we really get rolling. That will be next week. This week is much like a resturaunt or store that opens a week or two before the grand opening to let the employees practice. In fact, the only reason I am starting this in the middle of the week and “under construction” is because someone else lit a fire under my ass (that’s another post). By design, this is all I have now so I can focus all of my energy and excitement in this one place. Aside from my own thoughts, works, adventures I will continue to share those of nouns which inspire me or leave me in awe. You can expect to see a weekly post titled “Han Stitched First” so that I may continue to share the world of Star Wars needlework with the world and vice versa.

Please, poke around. There are some pictures, some pages, and even some links. More to come! Everything is still a work in progress but I realized that if I waited until I thought everything was perfect and ready…well, the point is I’m breaking that cycle! I am focused, motivated, and more dangerous than ever.


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